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Our service to you is free. But, of course we are not doing this for charity! All Banks/NBFCs pay us a standard referral fee for our services and our awesome job done. We don’t take sides or give biased advice.

We have helped thousands of Tamilnadu consumers choose and apply for their flexi loans

Unforgettable experience with bankvallet team. My special thanks to OD loan team. They are done a wonderful service to me. They are very responsive and fast. I got my loan from Bajaj.

mari yappan
Employed full time

I really love bankvallet loan service. I'm one of the existing customer. Previously i got my business loan from HDFC Bank and now I availed flexi business loan from Bajaj Finance. My past and present experiences are good in bankvallet. I strongly suggest them to all.

Senthil Kumar
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Very responsive guys. I know nothing about flexi loans like what is it and how to get, what's the interest rate, which documents are required, etc. They guide me all the things and supports to get the loan. I availed my loan from Bajaj Finance in low rate of interest.

Suresh Jeyachandran
Employed full time

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